Fioriblue Brown Cow Furry Leather Belt


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Fioriblu’s range of furry leather belts includes a stylish brown cow print. This beautiful design is in a rich tone which subtly fades between brown and black, with eye-catching highlights of white. It adds the wow-factor to any outfit, from jeans to dresses alike. Made from calf skin leather in Italy, this belt is 3.2cm wide so will fit comfortably through belt loops. The medium measures at 90cm long, but this clever design allows you reduce the size. To do this, simply unscrew the buckle, cut to desired length, then punch a new hole to rescrew it together.

Size: Medium 90cm

All Fioriblu leather belts are made by talented craftsmen in Italy.

Please note that the colour of each belt varies slightly. Contact us for further information on 01584 879096.

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