Lindform Bari Gold Turquoise XL Vase


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LINDFORM  brings you an exciting range of quality ceramic vases, a stunning addition to any home. These Swedish design pieces are inspired by the Scandinavian nature with their organic tones and simple shapes. Their collection also contains influences from Japanese minimalist style, creating unique and inspiring ceramics.

Design: Marita Lindholm
Material: Ceramic
Size: Height 15 cm
Made in Portugal
Article no.: PLF-PXL3

NOTE: The products are handmade of high quality and every piece unique in itself. Design, pattern and colour may therefore vary. Clay is a porous material. Lindform recommends users/customers to be extra careful when placing a product on a surface which is sensitive to moisture. We recommend you to wash the ceramic product by hand, using a mild detergent. Never user steel wool for cleaning. Do not machine wash.

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